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hi im dian ajeng. i love writing and i have two blogs. i try so hard to keep them updated since i have been in marriage with a babygirl. leave comments and i will reply it asap.

Minggu, 25 Desember 2011



I love Christmas because of holidays and Christmas breaks. It is a time to share happiness with those you love, lots of hugs, and to experience hope from heaven above. I love spending my Christmas holiday with Galuh, my bestfriend. 

As usual we went to the cafĂ© for having a cup of coffee before lunch. We love coffee so damn much. Then we went to restaurant to have lunch. Like normal girls our age, we spent a lot of time for sharing secrets and giggling about boys.  Most of the time we spent talking about boys, fashion, or music, that seemed very important. 

My bestfriend ordered a fettucini and I would love to have a plate of chicken mayonnaise. I know, it sounds boring but fettucini was not good for diet—well, chicken mayonnaise isn’t good too but I liked it. I didn’t care if chicken was very high in fat and calories, it was just my guilty pleasure. 

We spent time together. I realized that she really is the best friend I've ever had, we're extremely close. I am so lucky to have her as my bestfriend.

Merry Christmas and happy holiday!

PS: The man in my cellphone’s background is my boyfriend <3 love him so much!


Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011


My boyfriend and I have finished our Christmas shopping. I bought gorgeous shoes from Decimal last month and I received them yesterday. They are definitely extraordinary and adorable! The heel stands at 13 cm height and 3 cm platform, which is pretty high for me but these shoes are extremely comfortable! I've already tried to walk on them. They are easy to wear for a day out. I wore them for 8 hours without feel tired. You can buy these adorable shoes on the website, click here.

By the way, I write a letter to Santa, but I am not sure he will read it because I am not a kid anymore.

Dear Santa Claus,
How are you? I hope you are in good health so you can distribute Christmas around the world. Santa, I have been on diet for a month and I have lost about 12 kilos but I think I look the same in the mirror. But I won’t give up. I will continue my diet and do my best to be slimmer.

Santa Claus, something I might like for Christmas this year is a DSLR camera. Will you bring me? Honestly, I would love to have a new car too but I’ll bet it is pretty hard to slide a car down a chimney. But a DSLR camera will definitely fit and easy to carry (yeah maybe a little expensive).

I promise this letter will be my last request. Next year I hope I can finish college and get a job, so I can buy my Christmas gifts with my own money next year.

P.S: I am sorry I don’t give you some cookies because I am on diet so I don’t have any cookies.

Merry Christmas



PS: look at the last picture, you will see my boyfriend on my glasses' lense :D i love him so damn much!!!

Sabtu, 10 Desember 2011


Do you remember about eruptions of Merapi volcano in October 2010? Over 350,000 people were evacuated from the affected area. However, many remained behind or returned to their homes while the eruptions were continuing. 353 people were killed during the eruptions. The ash plumes from the volcano also caused major disruption to aviation across Java. The disaster leaves the ruins of houses. I was sad to see it. However, Merapi still has a stunningly beautiful scenery. 

I am wearing UP wedges Aira Brown, Simplicity dress, unbranded cardi, tights, unbranded accessories

I saw an interesting ruins of the house. Someone draw a figure little girl on the wall of the house and make it look dramatic ruins of the house.

Rabu, 30 November 2011

HI DECEMBER! (i am still on diet)

I have a bad day on my first day on December :( sigh.

I fail on my exams, I forget bring my homework, I have a lot of assignments, my frienemy graduates from college, my friend breaks my car, and  I don’t  have enough money to buy new modem for internet connection because my mother always turns the wi-fi off after 1 am and I need internet connection until 4 am. Feel like dying.

Oh please be nice to me, December. I wish I could turn back time to last week and study hard for exams. 

Have a nice day everyone. I am still on diet and support me please ^^ your comments really make my day <3

Pernah nggak kamu ngerasa duniamu hancur berkeping-keping dan nggak ada lagi yang tersisa buatmu? Kalo pernah, sama, itu yang aku rasain sekarang. Rasanya pengen mundur beberapa hari ke belakang dan fix everything. Tapi nggak mungkin kan?

Masalahku mungkin sepele sih. Yaitu: sahabatku wisuda. Dan aku belom. Dan dia akan ke Swedia untuk kerja magang di sana (well aku gatau dia mau kerja apa—lebih tepatnya nggak pengen tau). Dan aku masih sibuk kuliah cobaaa…. GADEM SKRIPSHIT.
Aku tau aku yang salah aku kebanyakan main kebanyakan belanja kebanyakan bergaul kebanyakan browsing kebanyakan main the sims social (blame on simsoc, seriously itu yang bikin 80% waktuku terbuang sia-sia di depan leptop). Dan kebanyakan makan. Aku harusnya diet. Dan hari ini adalah hari dimana aku ditampar sekeras-kerasnya oleh kenyataan. Rasanya kayak lagi enak-enaknya tidur dan mendadak ada gajah lewat dan aku keinjek secara ga sengaja.
Sahabatku itu berumur dua tahun lebih muda dari aku tapi kami seangkatan, entah kenapa bisa seperti itu. Errr oke mungkin dia akselerasi pas SD atau mungkin dia masuk SD umur tiga tahun. Dan sekarang dia udah lulus. Dan kerja. Dan aku? Bye.
Bukan Cuma itu aja. Ternyata sahabatku yang lain udah lulus juga. Jadi di kampus yang belum lulus tinggal aku dan beberapa orang yang bukan sahabatku (nggg temen deket sih ada tapi ga sedeket yang aku sebut sahabatku). Ketika semua orang  pasang dp bbm mereka dalam pakaian kerja, aku pasang dp bbm dengan pakaian siap-siap-mau-ke-mall. Ketika semua orang sibuk kerja, aku sibuk review gadem jurnal yang banyaknya naudzubile dan hell yeah.
Dan beberapa sudah menikah. Aku nggak terlalu kepengen untuk yang satu ini. Aku masih belom pengen nikah.
Dan beberapa lagi sudah meninggal. Untuk yang satu ini aku bersyukur karena aku masih hidup. Seperti kata Chairil Anwar, aku ingin hidup seribu taun lagi. Yes. Bahkan kalo bisa aku mau mundur dari bayi lagi. Aku pengen membenahi hidupku yang berantakan ini.
Thank you for reading, hope you all have a nice day.

Dian Ajeng

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Selasa, 15 November 2011

Do You Love Me As Much As I Do?

Does he love me as much as I do? Is it love, lust, friendship, or dust? How many girls in this world have actually thought about this? Have you?

He tells you he loves you every day, but how many times has he said it to other girls? Does he tell it to other girls every single second?

When he tells you that he loves you, look into his eyes deeply. You will know that he really loves you or not. But sometimes, it doesn’t work. You look deeply into his eyes, but you still don’t know.  Then, how do we know?

If a guy loves a girl, he will try to always beside her. When he smiles at her just for no reason, maybe he acts nervous. Or maybe he is just happy being with her. He will help her with anything, listen to anything she has to say, and she will also ask if there is something bothering her. Sometimes, he will express it in childish way, or he will tease you to get your attention. And he will always try to make her happy. 

I am wearing Mineola floral dress, Chrysalis heels, Bon.vieux vintage bag, Razifa feather hairclip